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You know that content is key to connection & more clients, but you just don't have time to create it all yourself. DemandVolt are trusted by CEOs, thought leaders, and Founders to represent their brand online.
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Increase Your Customer Acquisition With Content Marketing⚡️

Frequency of touch points builds real psychological affinity toward you and your brand. Constant thought leadership content enables you to close more deals at better margins.

Meet the founder

Jake McMahon

Jake is a consumer behaviour and strategic marketing expert with 7+ years marketing experience. He has degrees in Psychology and Big Data from institutions like Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. He has written thought leadership content for everyone from map-based learning startups to established authors and consultants. He enjoys combining his passions of marketing and data to create compelling content for growing companies and inspiring established consultants.

His work has been published by MarTech SaaS, AI consultants, Startups, and marketing influencers worldwide. He has written everything from LinkedIn posts to entire books to establish a foundation for growth for his clients.

Ever since childhood Jake had a passion for reading, and would devour entire books in one sitting. Now he turns that love of discovery through reading into well researched and unique content that sets brands and consultants apart. Before turning to writing full time, Jake worked implementing marketing strategy and digital transformations for eCommerce brands, and later, business consultants.

CEOs and Founders trust Jake to represent their brands online. He has worked with startups like Kinnu, marketing influencers such as Kunle Campbell, and AI consultants & published authors such as Kavita Ganesan.

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So you can
  • Accelerate Customer Acquisition
  • Lower Cost Per Acquisition
  • Reduce Sales Cycle Lengths
  • Improve ROI on Outbound
  • Grow Your Revenues
  • Enjoy Higher Margins

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